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I have a 97 Jeep Cherokee Laredo almost wrecked the car the stalling I have read worth thousands and thousands of other jeep owners had the same problem harness is going to computer Computer problems this is going to get somebody killed going down interstate 70 miles an hour and then All of a sudden your jeep cuts this is in thousands of jeep owners you need to recall it fixed the hardest problem and your computer problems this is ridiculous for... Read more

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i am very unhappy with Larry H. Miller in Northglenn CO. I had my vehicle towed to them on 7/5/2016 late afternoon to have a key made and programed after calling in the AM on 7/5 to ensure that they would be able to accommodate making the key. They ended up taking 1.5 hours to program the key and charging me for a shop fee which didn't apply in my case. I have made 7 calls today to question the charge and haven't received a call back. I paid... Read more

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Chrysler states they provide themselves on customer satisfaction however, I have had the worst experience in my life with them. Unfortunately, on 06/01/2016 I was caught in a flash flood that ruined my vehicles engines. My insurance company (Progressive) came out and inspected my vehicle the next date 06/02/2016 and gave Chrysler authorization to order a brain new motor for my car. The motor made it to the shop in Lubbock Texas on 06/07/16. ... Read more

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I very rarely post comments, however in an effort to maybe help or prevent another consumer for having to endure nothing but frustration I felt I should pass this info on. One year ago I purchased a 2015 Jeep Cherokee, I actually liked the comfort of the vehicle, for a mid size SUV, however it's hard to be comfortable in a vehicle that doesn't operate correctly. I had nothing but problems with this vehicle, it was the transmission. Six times to... Read more

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My 2013 Chrysler Town & Country was 3 weeks past the 36 month Warranty period and chrysler refused to be anything to help. Keeping in mind that it had a previous problem with an A/C leak and that it was leaking for a while before I realized what was going on, one would think they could do something to help me. This car has 30K miles. Should we not expect as consumers to have a $40K vehicle last beyond 30K miles?? The evaporator has a leak.... Read more

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Bad Electronic System. Each time you take your car in it will be some other part you will need to replace , Every module controls a part my problem was alternator {2} in seven months . Replaced battery because of electrical problems. Solution KILL SWITCH disconnects surges to battery when car is off. Saves parts connected too electrical systems. You just have to remember to turn it off and on. Car will not start until you turn the kill switch to... Read more

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I was driving to work the other morning and had a message come up on the dash "Park Sense" then "Check Transmission" while at the same time I had lost all power. My MPH began to decrease expeditiously with several vehicles behind me. There was no shoulder I could pull off the road onto. I had to continue on until finally there was a spot I could pull off. By that time my speed had gone from 60 miles to 20 miles an hour. Luckily, I was not on a... Read more

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  • Jun 15
  • #865899

Having the same issues. Took it to the dealer and they stated it just need an update. Did that and still have thw same issues.

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  • From mobile
  • Jun 14
  • #865357

I have been calling for the last month. (started the end of April) Have talk to someone once and told someone would call me back. And then promise to be called back on June 13 and was not. Can not never get anyone that can talk to you about what's going on. I have left at least 5 messages for my claims rep and still haven't talk to them.

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I purchased a 2014 Jeep Cherokee Latitude from the Secret City dealership in Oak Ridge, TN in December of 2014. When purchasing the vehicle, I did purchase an extended warranty. Within a month of the purchase, I cancelled the extended warranty and requested a refund. I talked to Rebecca at the dealership and was told the refund was send to my original bank, but was then not sent to my current bank. I have had a very difficult time getting a copy... Read more

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