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There is an add about the Chrysler Pacifica with a father spouting off negative vibes with respect to his children, and talking about the new Pacifica...It turned me off the product because of the attitude of the father image. My suggestion is ... Take it off the air! I personally find it offensive. I am not impressed! You may contact me Phone 1-613-424-1258 Home 1-613-899-7970 Cell He refers to one of his children in a... Read more

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We have a case # with Chrysler for previous electrical issues. While on vacation we ran into the same electrical issues. Our Chrysler Customer Care Advisor set an appointment with a dealership 5 days before we got there. When we arrived at the dealership no one was told by Chrysler why we were there or what our issues were. We were told by our advisor someone from Chrysler would inform the dealership of our issues and take charge. When we let... Read more

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I live in El Paso Texas and went to Viva Dodge to look at the Dodge 1500 Ram trucks. In the end I feel like I settled and signed a contract for a truck that did not have everything I wanted and that they had to bring in. When we went into the finance there were charges I did not expect but still signed. Leaving the dealership I just had a sick feeling so two days later I went back and cancelled the contract. I did not have the truck so I could... Read more

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To whom it concerns, The folks at Chrysler on Sahara Avenue in Las Vegas apparently do not seem too concerned about taking care of recall services. Considering the recalls that were to be completed on my car were a faulty ignition switch and a driver side air bag, I haven’t the foggiest idea why the service on these would be poor. These are safety issues with lawsuits written all over them. A week ago I received a letter in the mail about an... Read more

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I was driving along at night and all of sudden the dash lights started blinking on and off,the car cut off and would not start,tried jumping it,nothing happened,the next morning i put a new battery in it, it started i drove about 5 miles and it did the same thing as the night before, so now I'm thinking its the alternator,i finally found on after a long search,500 dollars from dealer,put it on still want start,went to Google,someone had the same... Read more

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Chrysler sucks!! Anything and everything that can go wrong with a vehicle has went wrong on our 2008 town and country. Will never by another Chrysler in my lifetime!!

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Chrysler will not issue a LOC unless you are a registered importer or broker. GM and Ford don't hesitate to deliver the letter. I say, don't support Chrysler. Just a simple phone call to GM or Ford and the letter of compliance will be sent in a very short period of time. I will remember this customer service the next time I am ready to purchase another truck. Buy from someone who cares about customer service and boycott Dodge or Chrysler... Read more

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On Thursday my daughter and fiancé went into the Chrysler dealership in Galena,IL and picked out a 2007 Jeep Patriot The loan was preapproved through my daughters bank all the paperwork was completed. However she still needed to get insurance. Steve the salesman told her to comeback and sign when she got the insurance. My insurance carrier is 45 minutes away from galena so I Called and talked to the a woman that I would have my daughter come... Read more

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Bought my avenger in July 2012 paid roughly 20000 for it needed a reliable car to get to my 2 jobs and with a limited budget thought I was getting a decent vehicle boy was I wrong . I have replaced brake pads 3 times, was at dealership 2 times for Windows, put 5 sets of ties at 800 dollars a pop, knob setting is broke for one setting, now check engine light randomly comes on and when it does car runs bad gets to 3rpms then quickly drops to 2... Read more

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I needed a nyc inspection sticker for my 2010 Chrysler T & C, expired 7/31/2016. Upon my visit 8/1/16, I was greeted on the street near the driveway entrance by a pleasant young lady. I informed her of my need of an inspection sticker, and that I was also there to inquire about the FOB key recall related to my vehicle, as per the notice I had received in the mail. She asked me to step out of the vehicle and she plugged a reading device into the... Read more

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