I have bought Chryslers in the past,but after the conversion van that I bought new has rusted frame with holes in it I think I have had enough .It was bad enough that the body started rusting before 7/70 and was not covered because it was a conversion van.

Now at 10 years old the front frame members are rusted and falling apart.What more can I say I will not pay for online advice and any car company should be able to build a vehicle that the frame will not rust out in 10 years.Note never been in a major accident with vehicle and am the original owner

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I finally learned why this whole mess is happening unabated...the leadership of the good ole USA are a bunch of thugs...pirates to be exact and are roaming the high seas to plunder the world. We can not really expect any justice from these thieves unless we get rid of them. They make the laws and administer the justice (if you can call it that)


I am a victim of fraud, I bought a Dodge 1500 Ram cargo van that won't even pass safety inspection. I'm out 1500 and junking it only gives me a deuce.

to Anonymous Lewiston, Maine, United States #1038914

Actually this is a large amount of money and should be reported...the Attorney General of the state you are in should be notified and you have a good chance of getting your money back in small claims court...DO IT NOW.


Just took my town and country in for service -2007 with 96718 miles- was told my frame was rusted through on driver's side and 1/2-3/4 on the passenger side.Comment by mechanic -- I would never drive it like this.

Took it to a dealer to trade it in -- was told the same thing and that they could not legally resell it.After 45 years of Chrysler products, switched to a Kia.

Aseer Province, Saudi Arabia #896117

I will visit all the Chrysler dealerships in the area and where ever I travel and give them a piece of the rock of Gibraltar.


I will join any lawsuit about my b3500 frame .drich4910@comcast.net

Peoria, Illinois, United States #895988

my 97 b3500 is trash because of the drivers side frame where the steering box mounts is gone . junk and the corp. doesn't care.


Well, I guess the arrogant bastards that sit at big desks in penthouse offices probably think that nothing will happen if they just ignore the stupidity they create.I will NEVER buy a new or used Dodge product, Chrysler product nor will I recommend anyone buy their junk.

As for closed rail frames, you would think anyone with a 3rd grade education would know that closed rails are just asking for rust. I guess the auto makers are more interested in profits than integrity. It is about time for some protection from engineers who KNOWINGLY make *** that will fall apart while being driven and cause loss of property and life. We need a class action lawsuit to rectify this but where are all the lawyers?

Not driving Mopar *** !


Cleveland, Ohio, United States #851309

It has been nearly a year since my steering failed on my 2002 ram van.I have had no luck with Chrysler on this and I am told that it is due to where I live.


I still have the van and run it in the driveway in hopes a solution comes along.

Rolla, Missouri, United States #833318

Hey, don't feel so bad.I have a one owner Ram 2500 van and I only have 32k on it!

Used for vacations, A1 condition. Just some surface rust on outer body jacking point. Well, guess what? Was out on the highway and it damned near gave me a heart attack when I hit a bump and the steering wheel didn't respond afterwards!

Was towed to a tow yard off the highway where the guys there just laughed and said they see this all the time: the front frame rails rust from the inside out, causing catastrophic steering failure when the steering bracket just falls off of the frame(well, what was left of it) rail. Been driving Dodges all my life( I am 52), and yes, I have had every generation of Dodge Van since the mid 60's van. Back in the day(70's & 80's), you would expect the Dodge Van body to rust, but the frame(unibody design) would not rust in half! My Van cost me over 35k new: When you pay that kind of money back then, you would expect it to at least have a reasonable frame reliability.

I do regret, and I do believe, that parking it on gravel next to my garage during the summer months must have helped it along, but that is when we used it! We replaced it with a Chevy(my first GM!) Suburban and will never buy Dodge again.

I wonder how many folks have died from this generation of van when this happens.I hypothesize that this defect will only intensify in coming years.....

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