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Life time power train warranty what a joke my engine blew up won’t warranty it cause I had new radiator installed I installed new radiator cause water was forcefully being rejected from my radiator cap so I replaced radiator thinking radiator stopped up but same thing happened with new radiator so I let dodge look at it they said blown engine but won’t warranty cause new radiator was installed I never own another Chrysler product again

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When you place hands upon an item, you void the warranty. Installing a radiator may have seemed like an easy solution at the time, but look at the fallout. You never mentioned the vehicle mileage, and even though I've owned upwards of 30 cars from different manufacturers over the last 50 years I have never even heard suggested a "lifetime warranty" for any of it.


I hope Chrysler burns down, goes out of business, and burns in {{Redacted}}.

to Anonymous #1554937

Right, and just hand the foreigners the gold key to the kingdom. Meanwhile, you'll put X-number of Americans out of a job and help strangle the economy.

Get ready to pay their unemployment and welfare. I don't like Chrysler either (they TRIED and FAILED) to squeeze me for an extra $8000 when we returned a lease vehicle, fully paid ...) so I don't even turn my head when driving past their dealerships.

That's all you need to do instead of your doomsday scenario about death and destruction - it's really not that serious in the scheme of things. I simply stopped considering Chrysler products for our business and personal vehicles.

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