I have a 2013 Chrysler 300S with a 5.7 Hemi and I was proud to purchase it. I am now experiencing a loud knocking noise at 54k miles.

I took it into the dealer and told them about the issue while I was having a recall serviced. I am currently under warranty with the 5 year 100k mile powertrain warranty. The dealership did not want to see the multiple videos I have of the noise and dismissed them as useless. I left the vehicle with them for 3 days and they called me back saying everything sounds normal.

I picked up my vehicle and went to work. When I come out of work the engine is knocking loudly as I told them it was before. I proceeded to call Chrysler Customer Care and explain my issue. The woman was very nice and said she would try to apply a warranty to my engine for 4 years to cover me in the case of failure.

I thought this was great until she calls back and says they won't do it because I used Synthetic Oil (Mobil-1 5w-20). The vehicle takes 5w-20!!! and synthetic is better!!! This is the funny part, she then continues to tell me that she is allowed to give me a 2 year oil change package for SYNTHETIC 5W-20!!!

Does anyone else see the comedy in that? For the record I am a certified mechanic (Cert# M249660) and I know what is causing the issue. Piston design over time has changed and the skirts are now shorter. Now with the advancements in metallurgy our pistons are made of an aluminum alloy and has a different expansion rate than the steel block.

Combining these attributes have created a condition during cold starts called Piston Slap due to the excessive gap between the piston and the cylinder wall and the shorter overall height of the piston itself. To combat this a special coating was added to the skirts of the pistons and helps reduce the presence of piston slap. If this coating prematurely wears off the engine becomes much noisier during cold starts and remains noisy until the piston is heated and expands to fill the cylinder bore. My engine has prematurely worn this coating off and is very noisy on start up when the engine block and internals have fully cooled down to ambient air temp.

This condition exists below 50 degrees F and worsens the colder it gets. I live in Michigan and am now embarrassed to start my car in the cold! It's cold for 8 of the 12 months here! This issue will worsen as time goes on and I want them to fix it.

The internal damage slowly being caused is one thing but lets also bring into account I will not be able resell the vehicle at the right value because this thing sounds like a diesel when it's cold outside. Understanding the condition and what it takes to fix the noise the least costly approach for them is to replace the engine and move on. I have not given up this fight because I am still under warranty!!! I will post the video below for your review.

Please excuse how dark it is I leave for work very early in the morning.

I appreciate the assistance that Chrysler attempted to provide but they have fallen short.

I do not want to be ashamed of the vehicle I drive! I want to be proud of my Hemi powered family car!

Review about: 2013 Chrysler 300S Car.

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

Monetary Loss: $8000.

Preferred solution: Replace my engine under warranty due to the knocking when cold.

I liked: Chrysler customer care rep was very nice to deal with, Offered oil change service for 2 years.

I didn't like: Warranty extension denial due to using mobil 1 synthetic oil, Dealership not trying hard to find and fix my issue, If the engine fails they will not say if they will cover it.

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