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I went to the media with what happened to my car...

Chrysler customer care does Not care about you or your car..

This car is nothing but problems!

I live in Hinckley, Minnesota and I have a 2015 Chrysler 200, and have never had a problem with it until 2 days ago.

We were approximately 20 miles from our house in Hinckleyp, my check engine light came on, started flashing and making that dinging noise.. It said "service brake" and then the "check engine" light was flashing..

I tried to slow down, step on the brakes and pull my car over, but it wouldn't steer, my brakes didn't work, and my car died.. It coasted over to the side of the road, I couldn't put on the emergency brake, it didn't shift gears and was still in drive. If it rolled backwards, we could have gone into the river.

(We were on highway 48)

I didn't have a cell phone signal where we were, so I put on my emergency flashers, my husband and I started walking, and a friend gave us a ride to the Marathon gas station that the Mille Lacs Band owns.

I called the salesman that we bought my car from, he asked what happened, and where we were. He was at the casino for a car sale going on in the casino parking lot. He came to get us, we drove back to my car, he was able to start it up, the check engine light was on, so he told me to drive the car he came to get us in, and he drove my car back to our house. The car still had the check engine light on, so I called Emergency Assistance at Chrysler, they sent a tow truck to our house and picked up my car.

The salesman left my car on the street and told me not to try to drive it, it wasn't safe to drive. He told us that if we drove it, we could get in an accident and get hurt. That car is not safe he said.

After talking to Chrysler, they said my car was on recall, but they do not have a fix for it and unsure as to when they will have one.

I am, however, fortunate that my husband and I were not injured because of this malfunction of the Chrysler vehicles.

Today, I received a call from Chrysler and they told me that they have no time frame as to when my vehicle can be repaired, if it can be repaired and when they finally do repair it, they will decide if they will buy back my car, or give me a credit since it is now a used vehicle.

We bought this car, brand new, it is less then 1 year old and has a little over 12,000 miles .

Here is the story that ran concerning my car


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I feel your for you have the same car 2015 200c AWD . New plant , new car Chrysler said . A new POS I say !!!

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