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The service people at Royal Chrysler referred me to a local independent shop that 'specializes' in servicing the engines of 'German' cars (AutoCamp).I would highly recommend any owner of these types to use him.

My check engine light turned out to be a bad O2 sensor unit - a $725 part. One look under the hood and he declared "this is a Mercedes engine - it's bullet-proof".

I understand that servicing a Mercedes would be more than a domestic.To anyone thinking of upgrading to a Mercedes - these cars are much cheaper to buy and it appears you get the same/similar product.

Review about: 2004 Chrysler Crossfire Car.

Reason of review: They won't service what they sell.

Preferred solution: Nothing from Chrysler - this was a learning experience - how they stand by their products..


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I don't understand your complaint .

What I do understand is that Mercedes-Benz engines are not "bulletproof" .

I've owned several of them. I know.

That car was built during the toxic Daimler-Chrysler era so it's no surprise that they did something like the failed Chrysler TC Maserati of two decades before.

You wanted to play with semi-exotic vintage cars ; now pony up or get off .

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