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Chrysler Part Replacement Review

South hills Chrysler jeep dodge KIA of McMurry Pa. Wrecked my 2013 Dodge Ram 1500 while it was in for service to align passenger front window and window replacement as it was scratched. They dented my Chrome bumper and replacing it; as well as repairing n painting the plastic part of bumper. As I took it in yesterday for this wrecked repair, I asked for a complimentary oil and air filter change. Good PR right? Since they did like $2000 damage to my brand new truck... Well they said I can have the oil change but no to the $40 PR so air filter... I am like really?! I called Customer compliant center n they agreed with me that its a reasonable request to repair not only my truck but customer faith and loyality. I have purchased 5 NEW dodge trucks, 1 NEW KIA Spectra and a NEW 2012 Jeep Library just 2 months after this 2013 Dodge purchase and they can't eat a $40 or whatever the cost for wrecking my NEW truck? They told Customer Complaint Service Department NO as well. Really?!
Chrysler Part Replacement
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