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My 2008 Charger was towed to Ziegler chrysler on october 10th received the car at noon the key FOB was replaced car still cutting off they still have my car now they are saying it is an electrical issue. I am 200 miles away they have billed me thus far over $1000 i spoke to the service manager friday he said we have a lot of cars in our dealership being serviced. They ordered a part and cannot guarantee me this will fix the vehicle TIPM...
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I needed a nyc inspection sticker for my 2010 Chrysler T & C, expired 7/31/2016. Upon my visit 8/1/16, I was greeted on the street near the driveway entrance by a pleasant young lady. I informed her of my need of an inspection sticker, and that I was also there to inquire about the FOB key recall related to my vehicle, as per the notice I had received in the mail. She asked me to step out of the vehicle and she plugged a reading device into the...
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I didn't like
  • Liars
  • Deceit
  • Failure to address point of service request