Justice for Karen!


Here are the Facts: Chrysler Corp. will not stand up for their Vehicles!

I have a 2008 Chrysler T&C purchased on May 18, 2008

In 2008 I purchased a Chrysler Town and Country . Chrysler's Cry for Help!, for business.We all remember the bankruptcy and what Chrysler was going through.

1) My husband and I put off purchasing my VW CC Sport to help and do our American duty to purchase a Chrysler T & C. At the time we thought it was the right thing to do.

2) 2 months later our Van had the following issues: Ignition, breaks, the van doors would come open while driving on the highway mind you!! In September we turned it in for Lemon Law after so many visits to the dealership and them stating " Could not recreate" the issues. Van shutting down in the middle of the intersection of Boston MA. LOVELY!

3) Chrysler offered $1500.00 since they were going through Bankruptcy and it is all that they would do. Chrysler suggested we purchase a VIP MAX CARE Warranty for $3500.00 and we agreed. Since, we would have this Van for a long time over 5 years.

4) This van went to 3 dealerships that were all basically related to get fixed. With all the troubles we had, hearing and seeing shady practices at Rayham Chrysler like putting in used parts on peoples vans when they purchased new! (I was there for that one with this poor guy). This Van went to the dealership for every single thing. At least once a month. Wiper blades , brakes, you name it the dealership did the work. We were loyal customers. Thinking "They will take good care of us since its at the dealership".

5) Chrysler and other dealerships will send you notices when things are due, like Powertrains inspections, oil changes, recalls so forth.

6) The Powertrain notice came in the mail, August early September, my husband took the van right into the dealership. They told us it was too early! Well my husband said they sent it in the mail! They said no its too early. So, we went on. Another Chrysler dealership just purchased the one we were going to, We had a VERY BAD experience the last time we went there last. We took it in to get the check engine light fixed and they said they fixed it. Knowing ALL the things we have gone through with this van I was aggravated, hated it! I went to pay then to go home. I turned the van on and the light plus a few more were on. Grrrr, I lost it! I went in and threw the keys on the desk, told them to fix this thing! I brought it here to fix it! Enough is enough! My husband followed behind me when he saw me get out of the van, My husband said why can't you fix this thing? The guy flew up out of his chair , the chair hit the back of the wall and he came around the desk in my husbands face! OMG! I thought a fight was going to happen! I through the F' bomb down and everyone looked.. Thank God it stopped. We left and the Van stayed. Called Chrysler and told them what happened. They suggested another dealership in Norwood. (no phone call back from Chrysler like they said they would).

7) We then received another notice at the end of December 2012. We took it in January 3, 2013. To the New dealership in Brockton! They were so nice! They gave us a rental, I guess what was to happen every time with the VIP MAX CARE lol. They were good to us. Darn, finally found a good one and we are moving. They looked over the Van. We were moving to North Carolina in a few weeks. They checked it all out took the card and stapled it to the paperwork for the powertrain, told us it was all set and ready, they did the powertrain, we were ready to go! This is where it goes down hill. That day when we were "All Set" Well, little did we know that they could not place the powertrain in the computer. Chrysler, I found out recently placed a memo to all dealerships that you could not place the inspection in the computer till 60 day prior or 60 days after the due date. This means we were actually around 72 days early (Chrysler's guy on the phone in June 2014 stated 28 days to early. But, can't expect too much from them.)

8) We made our BIG move to North Carolina January 22, 2013. Uhh, a house that needed sooo much fixing, 2 trailers to be unloaded and a house not yet ready to live in. (A LOT OF WORK) vacant for a number of years. The Van ran great! WOW! They really did fix it at Brockton! Thank you! We had a fender bender in November of 2013. A deer came out and we were going over a bridge that was under construction. Hit 3 barrels over, under, and landed on a Porta John! OMG! But it was better then a cement wall, other traffic or going over the bridge. Choices...hmmm. Wow what a ride. This nice Sheriff came and helped us change the tire, get the barrel out from under the van, and you know, hitting a port a John it was not nice! The day before his vacation too! Thank you! He figured we could get home, no tow truck necessary.

9) Called our Insurance Company National General, Agent : Jasmine Oliver, Claim# 9813643. Alright, waited 2 weeks to have an adjuster come to look at the van.. What is that? Called, made a fuss, what is going on? Why no adjuster in 2 weeks? They stated to take it to one of there "Preferred repair shops" They are a one stop place, adjuster, body work whatever kind of place. OK! That is not what I am use to or heard of before. So, we take it there H &K Automotive, in New London NC. We dropped it off there, told them look we hit 3 construction barrels 2 went over, 1 was pulled out from under the van, hit a port a potty, blew out the tire, oh and my wife threw the van in part to try and stop the van while going like 40 to 50 mph. No problem they said! Well, they put a new rim on replaced the tire, did the body work and we were again, told your all set! GREAT! Thank you! God Bless. They are big on Blessing People down here! After all I need all the Blessings I can get!

10) During that time the van was a little louder, and just did not feel right. But, they fixed it! We went to get a oil change and the guy stated we had a transmission leak. Small, but it was there. Huh, really? 3 days later, my van died! OMG! Would not move forward or back or nothing. Great! Called Chrysler they told us its ok, "your covered under MAX CARE till 2091, let me transfer you to the tow service" Great! Tow Service gets on the phone, "Your not covered?" What? I was just told I was? Can you transfer me back to the the person who transferred me to you? No, I can not...What?? This is wrong?

11) Called the insurance Company National General, Called Jasmine, asked if this was caused by the accident? She stated she was not sure? But, we can talk to H &K (HA! Love 3 way calling..) Called H&K put all three of us on the phone. Tow it back here and we can check it out, we have to pay the bill if they find nothing. Great! But, he has to do it quick since he is on vacation during the July 4th weekend. Got it! The tow truck comes go to hook it up, "Maam, you have damage under your van." What? Really? ok. 1 week later, H&K Automotive calls back. There is no damage from the accident that we are responsible for. The transmission was not form the accident, besides you put 8,000 miles on it. (me)" But, I threw it in park while going really fast and there is a leak?" (H&K) "When these come in it's a guessing game, we can not tell if anything happened inside the mechanics" (me) What? So, I call Jasmine up my claims adjuster, on June 24th to let her know. No phone call back for 3 weeks.

12) I called Chrysler, fought and fought and called and fought, called some more..Its like talking to a wall. They tell me that since the powertrain inspection was never done they voided my MAX CARE! WHAT?? No! I took it in twice! The last time on January 3rd 2013. (Chrysler) " You took it in too early, it has to be 60 days prior or after your anniversary date. REALLY? That's wrong! You sent me the cards and I took it in when you asked me too! I called Brockton, they had put a note under dealers notes that we brought it in too early. That was it. Well, you did it! I do not understand? Back and forth back and forth. Uhhh. Finally he tells me the same thing happened to him with another car he owned, they will probably discount the transmission for you.. WHAT? I did nothing wrong! (Brockton dealership) If I were you I would go to only the Service Manager at you closest dealership, explain to him what happened, he might be able to help you. Uhh.. I go straight to Hendricks Chrysler. I wait, my luck his district manager is there. I spoke to Richmond Trexler and explained everything! His District Manager "Bob" Robert Russell, I explained to him. He tells me "No problem!we can fix this" (Me)REALLY?! " (Bob) "If you drove your van down here we can do an inspection and place it back in" (Me) But, it does not move? The transmission is gone? (Bob) "Well, then we have to think about this, Richmond, what would you do?" (Richmond) "Well, I really want to help her, I think we should offer her to put this transmission in for $1500.00 our cost, and absorb the other costs, she does have a VW that we can take care of" (Bob) "How many people in your family own Chryslers?" (me in my mind) What? "Lets see my parents, I don't know, brother? Wait! I don't understand! I did nothing wrong here, You sent me the card, Chrysler, I took it in, They did the work, I bailed them out when Chrysler needed help, I feel I should not have to pay for this!" (Bob) "Well, we will have to get back to you, say by Thursday" Me: Thank you. Sent a letter to Richmond Trexler at Richmond.trexler@hendrickauto.com Thanking him for his time. That it was nice to see a company with Core values. A week later I get a call asking for some paperwork the 60,000 mile check up, and they will have this settled. GREAT! I get a call needing the invoices to all the work! All sent! Great! I get a call stating for $1500.00 they can fix my transmission. WHAT?

13) I call back National Insurance back talk to Andrea, she seems really actually level headed up to this point. I ask her to please contact me Jasmine has not contacted me back in a few weeks? She does, apologizes. I tell her whats going on. I have my Van being towed to the Dealership after I found out that H&K Automotive is a Body shop and they never looked at my van mechanically why? She tells me they have pictures of the van. Okay? Do you have one of underneath? Cause, the tow people said there was damage under there? I see no notes or paperwork that this was ever checked out, other then a alignment on my Van? She states not sure. Well, why is that since my van was in a major accident. H&K Stated to me "If your transmission was bad then , they would have totaled your van!" I tell Andrea, that if you did this I would not be in the position I am in now! This is wrong, Please send another Appraiser out to look at this when Chrysler opens the Transmission up. She agrees and states she will send out Charles Martin, who is the "expert" on these things.

14) Charles Martin Calls: He states he went to the dealership looked at the Van the leak is not caused by the accident. WHAT? Hitting a port-a-potty, 3 barrels, throwing my car in park at a high rate of speed, blowing out a tire a rim, pulling one barrel out from underneath my van and this is checking my van out mechanically? By placing it on a lift and looking at it? I want you there when they open this transmission up. He tells me this is not caused by the accident and you have driven 8000 miles with it since then.15) I call Andrea at National General Insurance: Andrea, that Charles Martin is the Rudest man. I would like for him to be there when they open this transmission up to see. She apologizes and states ok. She is very nice to talk to. Calming actually.

16) July 29, I get a call from Chrysler "Jeff" He states" We have looked at your van and have it up on the lift, we found a bent shaft"

17) July 30. I call Charles Martin "The expert" Tell him that Chrysler found a bent shaft! Charles (rudely) "No they did not, that is not" (me) Excuse me? "Yes,.. They did! They called and stated I have a bent shaft!" Charles "Karen, they did not find a bent shaft" (Me) "John, (husband) Go get you phone so this *** can here the message Chrysler just left us" I play the message. "Charles, there is a BENT SHAFT" Which means there could be more! Charles: Well... ME: Have a good Day! I called Andrea back told her the situation. She called Charles, Called me back Apologizes states "He is not use to dealing with people" . Not to worry if its from the accident they will take care of it.

18) July 31, I get a call from Charles the "Expert to meet him at Chrysler he is awaiting Jeffs call, to make sure it is on lift. I get the call 3:15 to meet him there. We go to Chrysler, we all meet. My poor van is all sorts of torn apart. I look under the van and the axle on the ground. It is actually does not look bent like I thought. Its broken at the boot. Where it connects your tire. It was being held on by a metal zip tie! Nice huh! 8000 miles and my tire is being held on by a strap! Thank God I did not hit a pot hole ! I would have taken you, who ever is reading this, out on the road! So, Charles first words as we look at this mess, is "Did he tell you?" "Did he tell you your transmission is not from the accident" What? Mind you all the damage is all on the right side under and over of the van. Well, I had about enough of his nastiness, Sorry, but the honey jar just ran out! Gone, depleted! Told Charles that hitting the barrel prota-a-potty could have smacked everything up and thrown things out of whack! He and I start yelling this I walk out to calm down stating "Stand up to the plate Charles" I leave. Calm down . Come back in. I ask Charles " What did you just say to me when I first got in here?" He states what? I ask him again. He is baffled.. I clue him in " You stated Did he tell you?" "Tell you what Charles Jeff? (Chryslers Neutral party) Did Jeff Tell you this was not accident related?" Charles states you are putting words in my mouth! I ask him again, he disregards me and talks to my husband, I stand in front of my husband and state " Hi, I am Karen Chargo, Talk to me!, the one who just asked you a question!" He states I never said that! I turned to Jeff and Charles who are standing on one side and state" Now that JEFF Who was to stay neutral has opened his mouth, you both can take responsibility! Fix the Van! Throw all the parts in it I am hiring an independent inspector and a lawyer! I leave stating Stand up to the plate. I am Infuriated!

19.) I am Infuriated! 1. Since a man just talked down to me, to me? I would never do this to anyone! 2. my vans not fixed and I did nothing wrong. 3. I just made an *** out of myself 4. This Charles just disregarded me and anything I had to say! 5. I feel like a woman, a woman who has been manipulated, screwed, talked down to, like a racist thing, that I am nothing and I count and stand for nothing! I hate to say this but I feel like a victim! God, never thought I would say that.. I left there quiet in the car all the way home, to go to bed and cry for 3 days. Not understanding how it got this far. Not understanding how Chrysler or my insurance company could do this to me!

20) Who I REALLY AM! This is who I am. I am a good person, I don't say it much or even at all! You need help I am there for you. Anonymously or not. I am there. I see you upset on a bench and I will come sit and talk to you, make a joke or say something really *** to make ya smile for a second and make myself look dumb. When I had a business, I made sure you were ALWAYS satisfied, my wrong or not! I would go over and above to make you happy! I have my customers to back me up on that. I do not have many friends. My best friends is my husband and my family. I guess, I think of everyone as a friend. Until people like Charles National General Insurance or Chrysler who cross me and then, I still would help you out.. My husband and I are the type that would take you in if you had no home and have actually done it! Stop to take a turtle to the other side so he does not get hit. I am the girl who loves her country and stood up to the plate when a major company needed help! Everything I have stated here is actually what has happened, who I am, and who my husband is!My parents raised me well, good times and bad times. They taught me, not to take anything for granted, you never know who you are speaking to, what they are going through, always be polite, carry yourself well, learn from your lessons but, never be a door mat. My father fought in the Korean War so I could speak the language I speak. I am proud of him! That is what makes me an American! I am proud of my mother who taught me right from wrong! To sit with you on that bench, even though I do not know you and make you smile! To be a good person, wife, friend. There are so many things my parents family and yourselves have taught me! Thank you for that. But, I would NEVER EVER TREAT YOU THE WAY YOU TREAT ME CHRYSLER & NATIONAL GENERAL INSURANCE!

Where is the justice for me?

The following is all the contact information to whom I have spoken to:

Brockton Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram 241020 Belmont StBrockton MA 02301ph: (866)922-2364Contact: Service Manager : Chuck

H & K Automotive36802 Auto Dr. PO Box 118New London, NC 28127PH: (704) 982-2886Email: hkauto@carolina.rr.com

National General InsurancePO Box 1623Winston Salem, NC 27102-1623Contact: Jasmin Oliver – Claims rep. (336) 435-2301Contact: Andrea – Manager 1-(336) 435-2226Adjuster"Expert" : Charles Martin ph:(704) 933-6375

Hendricks Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram7630 Hendrick Auto Plaza NW Concord, NC 28027

Service Director : Richmond Trexler(704) 886-0683

Service Man : Jeff (704) 886-0688

My Contact Information:Karen and John Chargo1709 Sunset AveAlbemarle NC 28001ph: (508)813-3724

Review about: Chrysler Customer Care.

Monetary Loss: $3500.

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Funny lifetime warranty and you still own it. No other car company offers that.

If such a POS why not get rid of it.

Oh wait lifetime warranty. What do you have 200k on it?


I read this site just as I'd read 'The Onion'... As noted on many many blogs, this site attracts the career whiners, all self-proclaimed victims on a crusade to financially benefit from their tears...

This particular "review" has been featured on a few blogs. Sadly, no one had any "justice" for Karen, but there was plenty of laughter thrown around....


I can't believe that at least two people worked on the sign you made in the photo and *** up with so many spelling errors. "There cars?" You mean THEIR cars?

You're an embarrassment. I seriously hope your kids get possessed by child protective services with how *** THEIR parents are.

Boston, Massachusetts, United States #963013

Your credibility is lost when you can't even spell.

Sacramento, California, United States #960822

than, not then

Way to make a statement.

Sacramento, California, United States #960820

"families" should be possessive.

Thank you.

Sacramento, California, United States #960813

You spelled "their" wrong on your beautiful sign.

Ogden, Utah, United States #958695

Why would you buy the VIP MAX CARE Warranty for $3500 when it sounds like the dealer wasn't honoring the warranty that your vehicle came with? Sorry, I stopped reading after this since a lot of the information wasn't anything to do with Chrysler or I couldn't understand what you were writing. If I took a car into a dealer and they wouldn't fix a defect under warranty and instead wanted me to buy some VIP or extended warranty, I would leave and take my business elsewhere.

Dallas, Texas, United States #950920

Putting the transmission in Park while going 40-50 mph certainly will do damage.

Then you drive it another 8,000 miles and want someone else to pay for the damage incurred by your actions.

Then, you pull a heavy trailer with it.

No sympathy here, no one did anything wrong, you did the damage to the transmission by your own admission.

Did you tell these folks you slammed it into park while going 40-50 mph?

Metairie, Louisiana, United States #943148

This lady is the reason our country is a mess.

Cranston, Rhode Island, United States #937335

There is no possible way that the transmission, or any component thereof could be affected by an accident, even by running over anything. A forward, or rear crash would not create damage to the transmission.

A bent shaft which you refer to is almost impossible, if not 'totally' impossible (transmission).

We've been working with motors for a good many years, rebuilt differentials, and rebuilt transmissions. We have never seen any stories, even remotely similar to the details you portray regarding a transmission issue.

to synoptic354 #966967

Then you haven't been doing too much "work".

Coatesville, Pennsylvania, United States #937135

8000 miles 8000 miles, are you kidding me? Someone works on your van and then there responsible for everything that goes wrong, for ever.

Saint Paul, Minnesota, United States #922842

Lost me after the first paragraph...Lemon law or regional management along with attorney general would or should have taken care of it. If not, you should have just dumped the van and accepted the loss.

Question for you though just out of interest. The T&C van is a vastly different vehicle from the CC sport.

What made you decide on the van? A hemi 300C would have been a much closer match.


That sign is sooooo sad. "then" instead of "than", "there" instead of "their".

Honestly, how can an adult make these signs then stand behind it with a happy face?

Just put the FREAKING FACTS, you screwed yourself with all unnecessary parts of the story. Your bullet point #1 should be a fact, it's not, it some inane little cry to start sympathy for your story.

Your car and experience sound like ***, but you're typing like you're talking to your girlfriends over dinner. No, just state the facts, all the little comments you add detract from your account, if you want to write a novel, this is not the place.

to Anonymous Fayetteville, North Carolina, United States #925737

Completely agree. If your unable to grasp common word capitalization, grammar, and punctuation in your native language then I am not willing to read your nonsense.

Dallas, Texas, United States #905862

Had to skim throuh this as I did not have hours to read a book.

You had problems after purchase which appear to have been resolved.

You then had an accident, your issue with any problems after the accident would appear to be with the insurance for not repairing the vehicle properly.

I fail to inderstand how Chrysler can be at fault for not repairing your car properly after an accident.


I have owned Chryslers and Dodge trucks last 15 yrs I just sold a 2005 Ram 1500 with 285,000 thousand miles original drivetrain didn't burn one drop of oil take care of my cars which most people don't. I have had Chevy's ,fords, and even Toyota , I would buy any other car now than from Chrysler or Dodge. Every manufacturer makes lemons it's man made, hemi cars hold there value!!!

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