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Purchased Chrysler Pacifica in 2007 because of lifetime warranty on drive train. Even spent $1800 on an extended warranty (something we never usually do) because we planned to keep the car a long time (great driving, good for wife).

In 2011, had to replace motor mounts (not a big deal and interestingly nt covered under either warranty). No other problems until a week ago when the transmission died a horrible death. Chrysler will not honor warranty because the car was not inspected in 2012.

Called original dealer and they say inspection was not a stipulation in 2007 when car was purchased. Chrysler should have contacted us, which they never did.

Product or Service Mentioned: Chrysler Car.

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Springfield, Virginia, United States #828541

To rep: the Maximum Care warrantee sold in 2008 does not list an inspection was needed. Chrysler representative admitted that on the phone.

It was something that Chrysler mailed out via the dealerships in 2013. Let me know, Rep, i'll publish the contract for you.

Springfield, Virginia, United States #828539

Same problem here in Virginia. Chrysler claims that the car dealership that we bought the car from mailed us 3 separate notices in 2013 to inform us that we needed a warrantee inspection.

Funny thing is that the dealership we purchased the Town & Country from STOPPED SELLING CHRYSLERS IN 2009! And the Chrysler Dodge dealership we've been taking the car to on an average of twice a year starting in 2009 never bothered to inform us until the transmission when bad.

Don't buy and extended warrantee from Chrysler or Dodge. They won't honor it.


The 5 year inspection is always a requirement. Clearly states that in the warranty booklet. Take responsibility for your vehicle.

to rep #719296

@ rep

F uck you a$$hole! I hope Chrysler goes out of business!

They crook everyone out there! They make s.hitty vehicles that don't last and Chrysler will not stand behind them Buyer beware!

to rep #719558

Interesting, we have read our warranty manual cover to cover three times and have had 3 friends look for it. NOT one mention of a five year mandatory inspection. We change our oil every 3,000 miles and take excellent care of our cars so please do not assume we are neglectful.

to rep #1414930

show the pages in your manual


Purchased a 2007 nitro new. Since the time I have had it I have changed all the door handles.

Twice and still ha be another one broke. Tail light assembly twice. Water pump. Ac compressor and still try to locate a discharge hose that no dealership on the usa seems to have.

All the parts for the Ac had to be special order.

And replaced two window activators. I will never buy another crysler product again

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