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9/17 my transmission broke in Louisville, Ky. I took it to Commonwealth Dodge.

9/20 my warranty claim was submitted to Chrysler for warranty of a new transmission. Not until 9/29 was I informed that Chrysler denied my warranty. The dealer gave me a customer care number to call and dispute the denial. I was given a customer care number(32508501) and told I would receive a call within 1 business day.

10/3 I called again asking why I hadn't got a call. Was told it was 1 or 2 business days. I wait two more days, now it's been 4 business days. I call again 0n 10/5 and I'm told they aren't going to respond, I have to deal with the dealer.

I asked how can I deal with the dealer, you denied my warranty, gave me a care number to dispute it and now you're denying me the chance to dispute it. End of conversation. 2 days talking with the dealer about this gets nowhere. At the dealer suggestion I called customer care again on 10/6.

I was speechless when the same woman that denied my chance to dispute my claim the day before now was transferring me to my customer care worker. Of course 3 days later on 10/9 still no call back to my voicemail left on 10/6. 10/9 I call customer care again and ask to talk to a manager. Wasn't given one.

Explained the complete situation to this woman and she has the gall to say, (it was the weekend have some patience) I responded its now 3 weeks my truck has been tied up over a week, when you were supposed to respond in 1 day. I have no more patience.) She put on hold for over 30 minutes, then came back and said the dealer denied my warranty and they couldn't do anything. The dealer told me Chrysler denied the claim. It seems you can't trust either.

44 years driving dodge and I'm done. I picked up my truck with the transmission in the bed of it and towed it home.

Looking for my first Chevy. I did find out that it was a common problem with my transmission, what broke.

Product or Service Mentioned: Chrysler Claim.

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I liked: Very happy for 44 years until now.

I didn't like: Lies and decption.

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I do agree Chrysler sucks, and the company won't stand behind anything. I hate to say it but foreign cars have far better reliability than cars made in the U.S. I would never in my life own another Chrysler product ever again, I owned 2 and they both sucked.


Could be worse.. my Vans been down at the dealer for over a year and I haven't received a penny in compensation.

Nor do they car about Customer Loyalty. Was my 4th Chrysler in 3 years.

Guess it will be me and my families last. Shame.


I absolutely agree that Chrysler does not care about customer loyalty.

I won't go into my story now, but my 36 years seems significant also.

Our company even had a fleet of them in the 70-80-90's.

Not only did they not care about you and me, you wouldn't believe what they did to some of their dealerships with relationships longer than ours.

Disgraceful at all levels.

Loved my Chevy S2500, Blazer, Ford F350 and Expeditions.

So when one door closes, another opens ... good luck.

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