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Anyone ever receive a call from Chrysler Corp. informing you that you need to get your clock spring changes immediately?

2008 jkl. Great jeep prior to this incident. Only minor upkeep. Long story but this happened to me on 12-22-2015.

The call came in on my cell with a caller id of Chrysler Corporation. " Mr. Akers I need you to get your Jeep into ------ dealer in the morning we need to get your clock spring changed" I was lead to believe I was in danger, offered a rental and scheduled for an 8am appointment on 12-23-15 for the service all by a man from Chrysler. Now I'm not sure what your service department is like but ours takes a couple weeks to get an appointment and my sister in law was the service manager there for years.

He also mentioned I had the lifetime power train warranty and I was 1 of only a few that still had that. immediately I began experiencing electrical problems. On pick up. 1.

Ignition switch failed 2. Radio stopped working properly In a week. 3. Wiper motor goes bad 4.

Alternator goes bad Another week 5. Dash cluster (compass) I took it back and was told all a coincidence and just bad timing. Now I have had a previous failure and replacement of a clock spring. When it failed my ignition stopped working, dash warning lights came on, shift indicator stopped working correctly and I was told all due to a bad clock spring.

So with immediate failures of ignition and radio on pick up I knew something was wrong. The dealership over the next few weeks could not get the ignition to duplicate so I started videoing it. Sometimes it would take 10 attempts to get it to start. I call customer care and open a case February 2016 is the official date however I called many times prior and was told I must be wrong that chrysler does not make such calls and basically I was either *** or lying.

2 cases were opened and closed with no contact to me or the dealership. During one of many calls one case worker let slip that it was highly usual for Chrysler to call a customer direct that mail was a more common form of communication. He seemed puzzled. Finally February a case is opened and I am told I will receive a call.

I learn at this time that the record shows I volunteered for a research studied and gave my clock spring to jeep. (Aaaa!!! NO!!!!) A few days go by with no call. I start calling every day.

May I finally get an appointment to have it looked at by dealer (remember they looked at it before I called Jeep Customer Cares) so they can assess if it is related to the clock spring. I have to do this many many more times until August when it develops a knock while I am driving it to another assessment appointment. So far $1200.00 out of pocket for alternator- wiper motor- radio etc.. Next a cylinder burned out and they can not explain why it got so hot it melted.

Not to worry I have a life time power train warranty. 5 months at the shop to get new engine put in. Still electrical problems during this time. Immediately I experience a drop from 18 mpg hwy 15 city to 12 highway 9 city.

I would think a new engine would perform better than a blown one? I complain and I'm told another coincidence both O2 sensors and the C.Converter are bad. Now I have put how many times Chrysler has failed to call me back or calls at times they know I can not answer- multiple times they have tried to close my case. Every 3 months I get a new case manager who has no clue what has went on in my case or where parts are on a jeep.

I have requested 1. A letter of apology for the deception 2. Put my Jeep back to the same working order it was when this started. 3.

Reimburse for out of pocket expense. So still fighting. I am now told I have to take it to a 2nd dealer and pay $85.00 for a diagnosis. I am arguing that my O2 sensors and CC were fine on delivery of the jeep to the dealer for replacement engine and diagnostic test.

And on 1st test drive they were bad as fuel mileage showed -- a result of either the new engine or 5 month repair. I have condensed this story and all the frustrations a great deal.

For instance I stopped paying for XM radio since my radio would not receive it any longer. My case agent said Jeep did not need to fix the radio because he looked me up and I wasn't subscribing to XM and the other functions of the radio worked fine so no need to fix something I wasn't going to use.

Product or Service Mentioned: Chrysler Car Part Replacement.

Reason of review: lied to and mistreated.

Monetary Loss: $2500.

Preferred solution: listed in complaint above.

I liked: Jeep owned 2 town and country vans owned many.

I didn't like: Tricked into giving my parts up for research.

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Columbia, South Carolina, United States #1312593

If you do a search for "Jeep Clockspring Warranty extended" or similar you will find many articles and forum Q&A regarding this. In your situation, I suspect you will need to get an attorney and initiate legal action against Chrysler, but do some research first.

By the way, many dealers are now calling customers to inform them of a recall or problem prior to the customer receiving official notice from Chrysler by mail. I got a call from my Chevrolet dealer telling me of a recall and never did get the recall letter as I took it in the next day and had it fixed.

Sounds like something really went awry when they "fixed" the clock spring problem. Chrysler will stonewall you unless you get some legal help.

to rollo2016 Poplar Bluff, Missouri, United States #1312646

Yes I understand that. In my case the recall was 7 months later. And the call came from Detroit HQ.

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