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I bought a new 2007 Crysler 300. The same day I drove the car off the lot the car was hesitating as if there was a transmission problem . When I took it back to dealer they said it's was hesitating because it was brand new and I just needed to break it in. After taking it back several times for the same issue the service department said they figured out what the problem was and that other 2007's had the same issue and there would be a recall real soon for that particular issue. They attempted to fix it, but whatever they did, did not not fix the problem. I continued to have this same problem and they told me unfortunately I would need to wait until a light comes on to tell them what the problem is in order for them to fix it. During all this time the car was still under warranty. Now that my warranty has expired, the check engine light comes on that indicates the EGR valve is bad and after researching I found that the EGR causes the same hesitation that I have described since the very beginning and the cost would be $520 to fix it. I feel that is unfair for them to expect me to pay for something that has been a problem since day one which they were never able to figure out. I'm not a mechanic, how was I suppose to know that the car had a engine problem, they're suppose to be the experts!!

After paying $69 for them to tell me what the problem was, I picked up my car on a rainy day and turned on my windshield wipers and when I got home and turned the car off and removed the key, the windshield wipers would not turn off. I did not have that problem before I went there. The next day when I took the car back to service they figured out some kind of way to get them to turn off but told me that the module is now bad and needs to be replaced!!

There has always been a issue with this car since the very beginning, maybe it was a lemon to begin with!! I will never buy a Chrysler again because now I have lost faith in the quality of the car and the service of the dealership. The buying experience was great, and my salesperson was very helpful throughout the process but the quality of the car has been horrible!!

My thoughts: The service department personnel must work on commission, the more things they find wrong with your car, the more they make!

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