My Dodge Caravan's engine shut off at 60 miles an hour. I managed to get off the high way and called the dealership and was told there was nothing wrong after the computer checked for engine problems.

After going to two more Chysler dealerships I was told nothing is wrong. I took it to an independent mechanic and his computer told it was the Win (wireless Igntion Moduler). I had to fight with Chrysler to get it replaced. That was two months ago.

Since then my fuel sensor failed to tell me when the gas tank was full or empty, and my transmission is slipping. Chrysler in Detroit customer service just stalls, runaround, excuses and then after all of the danger I have been placed in tells me it is between me and the dealership even though I have a full warranty but they do not want to make the repairs needs to keep me safe. They advertise these vans are one of the safest yet they shut down at 60 miles an hour. Also I have had two warning of fuel vapor locks where i cannot get gas fumes out of my van.

I was told finally that it is an evac problem. After sitting for hours at the dealership i was told they did not have the part and I would have to come back again. Since this part was installed last week my transmission problem is even worse. Your van will not give you warning lights to tell you of any of these life threatening mechanical problems.

The van will just stop running and it seems like no one at Chrysler is willing to resolve these issues. I even wrote a letter to the new CEO and got no response.

Monetary Loss: $19500.

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