Purchased a 2010 Dodge Laramie and while driving to breakfast on Fathers Day 6-17-2012 at 6:45am felt a hard *** and we came to an Immediate Stop! After attempting to drive away and unable, we discovered the drive shaft was on the ground.

Had it towed to a local dealership in Cedar Rapids for repair. The truck only had less than 26,000 miles when this occured. NOW for the DISAPPOINTING PARTS!...........

After making several calls to Chryslers Customer service line and being passed around to 4 different people we got a case # and a manager hoping this would get us on our way.

To make a long story short we asked how long it would take to get the truck repaired we were informed "the ruling" was to wait for the parts to arrive and it would take until August 15th 2012.

We asked if we could trade the 2010 for a 2013 with some kind of compensation and were again informed a week later "the ruling handed down" was No. We have to wait until Aug 15th for the parts.

We did get several "I'm sorry's" but no resolution.

On 7/25/12 after Several Failed Attempts to get a different result we contacted both the local dealership as well as Chrysler Customer Service but still NO CHANGES AND THE TRUCK REMAINED SITTING OUTSIDE AT THE DEALERSHIP.

I have purchased over 50 vehicles in my lifetime and Never Had this much FRUSTRATION working with

other Corporations EVER.

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