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Nothing solved I even reported this to the BBB, they dont care.

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This is the email I sent to them, Hello my name is , I came there yesterday with my sister to look at a car, while doing so I asked the man if he had anything that I may get approved for with a credit score of 706. He said sure, he had me fill out this paper, "I told him that I didn't want to give him my social security number cause I don't want any hard hits on my report to lower my score, my bankruptcy will be off next month it would raid my score so i don't want to damage it." I even said this to him before I signed the paper he re assured me that I would have no hard hits and that I would see nothing. So I sat down for awhile while he was at the counter with a man doing something on the computer, I walked up there again in front of the man that was sitting down and said now are you sure your not doing hard hits on my credit report, you can look at your camera to verify this the time was about 5:45-6:00. He assured me again that he was not doing hard hit inquires.

Today I get alerts from equifax he lied to me he did what he said he would not do, which was enquirers on my report.

So I called the number he gave me he told me that "well you signed the paper" I said you promised me that you wouldn't put hard hits on my report, he said well I wasn't the one that did it. I said but I told you several times that I didn't want that done cause it would lower my score. He said well whats lowering it 5 points it wont make a difference and don't you think that this is a little in appropriate." I said no what's inappropriate is you lying to me instead of being honest and telling me well, it will put hits on your report so just come back when your ready and we can work something out." He again said well you signed the paper. He hung up on me the first time and than called me back. He said anyway your score is like 665 or something. I told him he was not telling the truth cause I subscribe to fico score and get updates regularly. He was just a rude inconsiderate not taking any responsibility for his misspoken word. I am telling you If your customers cant trust him how can you. When you think that Tyler D smith is telling you the truth he is most likely deceiving you. He has cost you to lose a customer and customers if somehow those inquires don't get off of my report. I will make sure that customers no how shady he his threw social networks. Equifax told me to contact you first before I did anything, so I am also I am gonna contact the BBB about what Tyler Smith has done to me by misleading and the only excuse he has is you signed the paper its my word against your, but not cause the man at the counter was there when I walked up too him making sure it would be no hits and also 3 family members was with me at the time.

Please contact me back I would like to come in to see if you can help get these removed as equifax state that you could.

My phone number is 434-632-0190

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