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Bought my 2011 Chrysler 300 in December 2011. Have been in Dealership Service 10 times for a "collection" of issues...The Dealership I use is NOT who I am complaining about.

This ALL ABOUT Chrysler Customer Service. On Sunday Dec 23, 2012 while traveling with my husband and 3 kids the car quit while we were 250 miles from home. Would NOT start! $90 tow truck.

$70 Cab Ride $98 Rental Car $59 Hotel Room (with the reward points I had to use to get the room rate down) Dealership that car was towed too had to REPLACE FUEL PUMP..really..?? 26,000 miles and Fuel Pump goes out. Did I mention I had the car service on Dec 20th. This is what JESSICA at Chrysler had to say about all of this.

"We're sorry for your inconvenience. We will reimburse you $35 for your car rental." WHAT!!?? she went on to say "$35 is all we will cover. You can take it or you can decline the reimbursement, whatever you want to do.

I just need to verify your address IF you want us to send you a check" I asked to speak with someone who can override the obvious disregard for my concerns at whcih time Jessica tells me "There is no one who can overide what I have offered you" ...OK!! clearly I am insulted and PISSED OFF that all they are "willing to do" is 1/3 of the car rental cost out of my pocket not to mention the other $282 out of pocket cost! JESSICA's EPIC FAILURE is rated on her condescending tone and complete indifference to my customer concerns. She did however, record the conversation...I hope she (and everyone else who listens to it) heard me LOUD and CLEAR when I told them I would post complaints on every website I can find.

HI Jessica...this ones for you!!!!...p.s.

did I mention my car is back int he shop as we speak! Took it in Jan 2nd...they still have it...sighhhhh

Review about: Chrysler Car.

Monetary Loss: $282.

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Chrysler is useless anymore. My dad had a 1999 dodge diesel pickup.

After buying a Chrysler rebuilt transmission, that truck went thru 3 Chrysler rebuilt transmissions. Customer service told my dad that they wouldn't warranty any other transmission troubles. The last transmission had 150 miles when it quit.

Chrysler took how many billions of dollars to "fix" the company. Chrysler should just give all money back and close the doors.

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