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Before driving off car lot engine light came on. I immediately went back into the establishment and asked them for another car.

They promised me that I was covered and I had nothing to worry about. That took the car in and 3 days later asked me to come get the car and return the loaner. The next day the lights flashed off and on while driving. I called them and pleading them if I could switch cars.

The management avoided all contact with me for some time. I was told many times that they were not available. I came in and they checked the car out. I demended to speak with a manager.

I told him I was not leaving until he give me another car. He replied your going to be here a long time. I had a disabled family member with me and could not stay all day and he knew it.The sales manager gave me a paper to signed before handing me the keys. He told me there was nothing wrong with the car.

After I signed the paper he brought forward another paper showing the estimate for repair if I so wanted. I look at him and said "you just told me that there was nothing wrong with the car". This business is so dishonest. They sold me a LEMMON CAR.

As of today my problems has not be resolved please help. I have the form that I signed stating there is no problem and I have form with same date that it will cost $600 to fix the "No Problem

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. This person is quite happy with way i was treated before i gave my money and stated that there is a room for improvement of management dishonesty. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss "all" of dodge avenger. Chrysler needs to issue a full refund according to poster's claims.

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Did you bother to test drive the vehicle before buying it? I have a hard time believing these problems started the moment you drove off the lot, without any signs during the test drive.

At any rate, once you buy a vehicle, it becomes YOURS.

You can't just show up and demand an exchange. Car lots are not Walmarts.

to Anonymous #1347542

Though I agree with your defense some what ! The problem is that they Told the individual that there was nothing wrong with the Car then showed them the cost to fix it .

Need to be more clear and direct when talking to a customer Engine lights come on for a lot of reasons sometimes because of emission sensor that really doesn't effect the running of the vehicle at all .

That is what I believe the Manager was trying to explain what the customer heard was there was nothing wrong with the car. How I would of handled the situation was go ahead and fix the problem for free and eat the cost which you well know won't cost them $600 and would be a better way to keep your customers for future business and word of mouth is the best advertising you can get .


As of today the original dealership has not been of any assistance. Corporate has taken over thr issues and Brookfield Chrysler in Benton Harbor Michigan is attempting to help take a part in resolving the issues.

At this time im impressed with Brookfield Chrysler and corporate professionalism. I will keep you posted.

Thank you. Ps Im a honest person wanting nothong less nothing more but fair and just service as an American.

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