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Wow. Cannot believe all the negative comments.

My 2008 Chrysler hard top convertible was purchased with the extended bumper to bumper warranty. At 5 years I had the car inspected by the dealer (I was informed of this at purchase by the dealer). No issues. Car has been solid until it hit 104,000 miles.

I brought it in for a tune up, and the dealer informed me that it needed an oil pan (leaking), oil pan gasket, front struts, motor mount, ball joint, and sway bar. All covered. Three months later, it needed front bearings. Covered.

The next month the battery light came on. It needed an alternator, computer module, they found a radiator leak and replaced the radiator, and found oil leaking from the valve covers and replaced the gaskets, all under warranty. Two months later the climate control actuator started making a clicking noise. Back to the dealer, and we requested an oil change.

The actuator was replaced, and the dealer found a leaking rear strut, a front axle boot leaking grease. The right front axle was replaced, as was the rear strut, along with the actuator. All covered, no arguments or hassles. This warranty is the best thing I have ever had for a car.

From 104,000 to 115,000 the car has had about $6,000 in repairs.

It runs like new. I will keep this car as long as Chrysler continues to repair it.

Review about: Car Warranty.

Reason of review: Reliable warranty.

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