I purchased a 2013 Challenger RT in March. I noticed after a few weeks how slow the drivers side window went up, thought Chrysler just made slow windows compared to GM which I used to drive, but then I did a test to see if the passenger side was as slow and it was not!

Noticeable difference in speed. I took it in for service under the warranty. They attempted to fix it 3 times (installed a new regulator, new window tracks).

The Srvice guy said he noticed a little difference but there was still a difference in speed, then he tries to tell me all Challengers have windows that work at different speeds but when we went out to the lot and tried one they were almost identical in speed, the drivers side was slightly slower but there were stickers on the window. So now they say "There is nothing else we can do" Last week it started to squeak as it goes up, so looks like whatever they did not only had no positive effect but actually made it worse.

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