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I dealed a used corvette with the manager Todd Carroll and Dustin Springer.

After few email and few phone call we agree on a price. So I request a bill of sale and and info to wire the money. I booked a hauling compagny to bring the car in Canada and 12 hours later I didn't received the bill os sale and the carfax. Ibsend few emails but they told me they were too busy but they' ll take care of it. So today at lunch to make sure I called Dustin and askhim what happens. And I told him hopfully you guys doesn't play a game by not sending the paperworks and try to sell the car to someome else to get a couples hundred more! He swear the god they were not doing this and blablabla, but at 3 pm this afternoon this what Dustin email me:

The car was sold making more money sorry Luc .

I used to be a car salesmen and a respect dealer when he sold a car he *** the car from the lot, put a sign sold into it and finalise the deal and if the deal abort resale it to somebody else.

We had and agrement that I bought the car and I wanted the bill of sale to wire the money but even tough they sold it to someone else. I think it's a good thing that way they showed me they' re not trustable and they don't have worlds. Imagine what is the after service?????????

Luc Lacasse proud Canadian

Grande Prairie,Alberta, Canada

Review about: Chrysler Car.

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