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I needed a nyc inspection sticker for my 2010 Chrysler T & C, expired 7/31/2016. Upon my visit 8/1/16, I was greeted on the street near the driveway entrance by a pleasant young lady. I informed her of my need of an inspection sticker, and that I was also there to inquire about the FOB key recall related to my vehicle, as per the notice I had received in the mail.

She asked me to step out of the vehicle and she plugged a reading device into the computer access harness. She confirmed the recall and asked me to pull in the driveway when signaled. When the time came, I exited my vehicle and headed for the waiting room. About an hour later I was given some papers to sign authorizing some work and I DECLINED when I saw the before tax and hidden fee/charges total of $3452.00...YIKES!

This outrageous estimate had NOTHING, absolutely nothing mentioning the FOB RECALL or the INSPECTION...HA!

Sure, my check engine light had been burning steady for about a week.

The check engine light was due to a clogged EGR valve, (Advanced Auto Parts, $95.95+tax, in stock!), I installed in 30 mins,

compared to their $575...whew!

and I had already ordered a replacement driver's side mirror, 7/21/2016, (Advanced Auto Parts, $133.91 total), compared to their $350...ouch!

Rear window wiper blade, $9.95 in stock, need I say more?

YES! Their "Additional Needed Sales" estimate also stated 3 oil leaks; power steering lines, transmission lines, and a lower intake gasket costing $805, $680, and $835 respectively.

When I returned to the garage, I sat in my car running with a stopwatch for 15 minutes, backed the car out and away from that parking spot and observed only a small condensate puddle had accumulated on the ground.


Well, I should say thank you for telling me what ELSE my car needed for inspection...

So, don't WASTE your time here, as you will WASTE your hard earned $$$.

They charged me $214.48 for "diagnostics".


PS I do have photos and receipts to back up this claim.

This reviewer shared experience about "unfair business practice" and wants this business to issue a full refund as the author lost $214. is overall dissatisfied with Chrysler and uploaded a picture. The most disappointing about chrysler car diagnostics at Chrysler was deceit, untrustworthy and scam Reviewer wants customer support to reach our to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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