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As many other consumers have complained about this same problem with these Skyslider Roofs going back as far as I can tell 2008, I do not understand why Chrysler continues to make them. Once you hit 40 or above noise is unbearable and the fixes the dealer tries are worse and do not last.

Part of the fix is Velcro as we all know eventually will wear out and needs to be replaced.

The rest of the fix adds a plastic piece between roof and interior which looks horrible and does not hold-mine stayed up one week. Some States have ordered buy backs under Lemon Laws but Chrysler does not admit they have a fauty product.

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Sky sliders are a NIGHTMARE!!!!! Dont purchase a vehicle with this type of top on Jeeps because they're nothing but trouble/ money.......

My interior is ruined.

Starting to stink, Im SOOOOO disappointed. I loved Jeep but not anymore.


My 2010 Jeep Liberty Renegade has been at the dealer for seven weeks.. the roof has leaked for several years, but when it started to lift when I'd get to 50mph or so....it was time to get some warranty work....

Seven ....7!!! Weeks...


2400 bucks to fix my 2010 Liberty Skyglider roof , it leaks like crazy...of course my extended warranty doesn't cover it...I'm done buying Jeeps, I've been driving that brand for 10 yrs I'm done.


I have a 2008 Jeep Liberty that I bought brand-new.. I started having problems with my Sky Slider A few months after I bought it.

They replaced it one time under my warranty and I still have the same problems.. I have brought it back to the dealership several times for them to fix it and it's still the same..

They tighten it up but it only lasts for about a week or so. I love my jeep but I'm not happy with the sky slider.


Would the new Command view dual pain sunroof fit in the skyslider tract and or opening. Maybe a new kind of roof altogether is the answer. Has any one considered this and or speced it out?

Mount Airy, Maryland, United States #929127

Just got a 2012 Jeep Liberty with the sky slider roof only had it a month it has 20000 miles and just detected a leak on the passenger side pillar. Read the reviews on how Chrysler is handling this makes me feel like I bought a box of rocks

Houston, Texas, United States #904268

My sky slider broke and I took mine to an interior opulster shop. The guy took it apart and Thers 4 cables that pull the whole thing.

The cables are strong but they are made with cheep plastic where they attach and it's less than a centimeter. They suck.

But he charged me 200$ to take it apart and the cables were 80$ each so I did it for about 700$:D and the noise... I put a half inch black window weather strip between and I took a 200 mile trip with no noise:D it's been 4 months and the weather strip is holding perfect:D

to Seth #1428331

I’ve been looking to buy a wind deflector for my sky slider on my jeep but they don’t make them big enough. Where did you buy the weather strip and exactly where did you place it? If you could reply it would help me out.

to Seth #1470415

Where did you get it fixed I could really use this done name and address state and name of the shop You could just send me a text 201-362-7215

to Seth #1536588

Seth - one of my cables is broken. I would love some more detail on how this was fixed.

The dealership wants $2k to replace the entire frame.

Also, where exactly did you put the weather strip? Thanks for posting this and any additional help you can provide.

Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, United States #865675

Wow, I can't believe how many people have had the same problems as I have. I bought my '08 Jeep Liberty new in Jan.

"09. A year later the roof track on the right side came undone and it couldn't be closed. I was 1,000 miles over on my warranty. The whole roof had to be replaced because the piece they needed to fix it didn't come by itself.

Luckily I only had to pay $200 instead of the $2,000 that was the cost of the roof. I was told that since the dealership installed the new roof that if anything was wrong that they would repair it. Well, I've had nothing but problems with it since. The wind noise is terrible and every time it rains I have to hold a towel up to the interior lights to catch the water coming out.

Plus water damage marks all around the roof interior lining. I went back to the dealership and they told me I only had a 12 month warranty on the roof they put on.

BS! I said never mind and have been dealing with the problem ever since because I know they would probably tell me I needed another roof and charge me and arm and a leg for it.

Fulton, New York, United States #851894

feel lucky. I purchased my 2008 liberty used from a chevy dealer.

after 4 days, went to close roof and heard loud, bad, noise. rear part of roof opened up while front was closing. I quickly hit button to stop this but was to late. I ended up with a camel hump in my roof with front and back having about a six inch opening.

vehicle had about 51,000 miles on it when purchased. chevy dealer looked it over and gave me five hundred and twenty five dollars toward repair since the 2000 dollar warranty I purchased there would not cover this. they didn't have to do that and were good guys. Chrysler jeep dealership wash very understanding but I paid them $3875 for complete replacement and module software update.

they were very professional but their hands are tied by corporate.

I called corporate and was assigned a case # and a caseworker. no action there, no callback. 2 weeks later I called and got a new case worker who informed me that this is not covered by them as I was 1000 miles past the coverage. I am very p.o.'d and would like to join in on a class action lawsuit.

I called about lemon law but was told I was past coverage there also.

I made out a report to the national highway transportation safety people but expect to hear nothing back. I will never recommend or buy any Chrysler product again.

to mike #1536591

Mike - did you ever find a class action law suit to join? I am having the same experience as you.

Miami, Florida, United States #834875

I have the same problem with my jeep liberty 2008, Is raining inside my car :( and smell really bad, I was call to the jeep they told me is 1,500 only the roof track without the reparation, i cant paid for this, I dont know want to do..


Need to write your Congressman and Senator and report this situation and the need for a buy back order. It's time for Chrysler/Jeep to admit they are continuing to make a product they know is no good and lemon laws should be applied to all Jeep Liberties and a recall issued.

Fulton, New York, United States #815966

I may have something that may help. try visiting http://www.direct4x4/universaldeflector-black or try jeepforum.com/skysliderwinddeflector.

this british co. ships a deflector anywhere in the world that people have used successfully apparently. cost is about $113 shipped to u.s. the company calls themselves vehicle rack specialists.

make sure you measure your roof side to side. you should find that a 45 inch wide deflector is what you want. there are pictures of installed deflector on their website. I cannot vouch for them but I am planning to buy one after shelling out $3500 for repairs.

some customers on their site swear by this solution for noise, but I won't know until I buy one. when I do you will hear. this deflector is made of similar material to the over the window rain deflectors as far as I can tell. probably uses adhesive strip for attachment.

clean and was roof beforehand in the area of attachment between windshield top and rubber seal for skyslider. good luck to all and hopefully a class action lawsuit for Chrysler. this makes all the good people at Chrysler look bad and the dealers too.

got the bailout now you think you don't need us anymore. :(

to mike #820317

the deflector is ordered and am waiting. note that a stronger adhesive from 3m may be a good choice, so I have read.

the adhesive backing on the deflector may not be strong enough as the roof has a curve in it and the deflector is flat. try napa or other auto supply for advice.

to mike Fulton, New York, United States #851904

save your money, this is not the solution I thought it was.

Rochester, Minnesota, United States #773447

This just happened to me two days ago. The top came off the track and I thought it looked like an easy fix til I brought it in and they told me it would be $1500+ to replace the track.

But they never said anything about replacing the roof. Luckily he only charged me $42 for them to look at it for an hour. I surely am not paying that much for it to happen again sometime down the road. I will be trying to Velcro or tape it down somehow to be able to drive it.

It happens to be cold and snowy in MN this time of year and I kind of need my jeep.

Has anyone done their own "fix" to keep the roof closed or flat?

to bm #815825

Everyone with problems with these sliders on the Jeep liberty needs to write, and contact the Chrysler /Jeep Board of Directors demanding a permanent solution to the problem be made or the Jeep liberty be declared a lemon. For Chrysler to continue to make Jeep Liberty with sliders that have the same problems year after year so negligence and a total disregard for the welfare of it's customers.

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