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i returned my car to do to a recall for faulty upper ball joints was told it would take an half a day to repair service person told me that chrysler does not give rentals but that was ok since it was only for one day but then chrysler called and said that they did not have the parts and it would take two weeks to get part i told them that i can't afford to rent a car for two weeks service person told me to drive the car home and when the part comes in they would call me i told the service person that i can't drive the car because i could not control the steering and might get into an accident he replied Chrysler would take care of it my complaint is that why didn't they just pay for my rental since this was a factory recall,a safety recall we would not had come to this if they had told me they did not have the part on hand i would have taken my car to another Chrysler dealer

Monetary Loss: $300.

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