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I purchased a Jeep trailhawk on June 17th from Patterson Jeep in Kilgore, Texas.

It was a dealer trade. This was the worst car buying experience I have ever had! Here is a list of the awful events that took place in chronological order:

1.) The internet sales person never once sat in the car with me to explain one single feature about the car.

2.) The car had a bad paint drip on the corner of the door and the sales person promised to contact me the next day to schedule an appt to repair it. She never called.

3.) After two days of driving the vehicle I heard a weird noise underneath which turned out to just be the A/C dripping, however; when I looked underneath I discovered a very rusty pitted exhaust pipe, rusty CV joints, and much of the underside was covered in mud! See the pics.

4.) I immediately called my sales person and texted her pics of the mess. She was extremely apologetic and told me she would do whatever it took to make this right and Blah! Blah! Blah!

5.) Her sales supervisor called me at 10 the next morning and asked me to bring the car in to put it up on the lift so he could get a better look. When I questioned him about where the car had been transferred from he got offended and asked me if I was calling him a liar. I said NO. I am just asking a question. He was very defensive and when I told him I was not going to accept this particular car, he said, "Fine. Come get your trade in car back. But you could have given us a chance to make this right." I said, " I never said I wasnt going to give you the chance. I just said I wasnt taking this car."

6.) When I walked in the dealership that evening to allow them to "make this right," I was greeted by the sales person that sold me the vehicle with my trade in car keys in her hand. They were not even going to try and fix this situation. I was shocked. I told her. "No. I want you to make this right." Needles to say, they lifted it up and inspected it. After the inspection they offered to wash the car and repair the rusted parts.

7.) I refused the vehicle because I was not confident in where or how this car had been driven. I wanted a different one but I was not given that option.

8.) 2 weeks later I drove by that dealership and the trailhawk that I refused was sitting in the front row of the lot. I was curious and I stopped and looked underneath and low and behold all the rusted parts were still there and it was still filthy and muddy underneath!

What a shame because I really loved that car but I will not be buying a Chrysler product ever and I will never deal with Patterson dealerships again either. Horrible, Horrible, customer service.!

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Andover, Minnesota, United States #1109937

You bought a used car, and had a bad experience. Gee.

Welsome to the club! You expect to get a used vehicle in new condition! Get a grip!

Sales supervisor! Promises!

There used car sales people! Come on! It's there job, and profit, to sell a used vehicle for the most a customer will pay. No matter how 'nice' they appear, in the end, it's there lively hood.

All used car sales people are liars!

It's just that simple.

ANY used vehicle you purchase - even if you took it to a garage to get it inspected, will still need hundreds of dollars of repairs to get it up to reliable condition.

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