On Dec.31, 2018 I too my car to MILTON RUBEN CHRYSLER SERVICE DEPARTMENT at 8am in the morning. Took day off from work to do so.

Came in on a recall appointment which I was told would take approx. 12hrs for diagnostic. I also explained to them I wanted the o look at some other things I was concerned about, backup camera sometime worked sometime not, AC has clicking under dash, shaking in steering wheel when breaking sometime, replace interior air filter. Sense they were keeping my card fro the day I needed a rental, which coast me $35.00 a day.

I called later that day and was told no technician availabed to do the work, have to wait till Wednesday sense Tuesday was a holiday (New Years). I figured if no tech. was their for the recall why could they not look into what I wanted them to look at. Called again Wednesday morning told again no tech.

available but would try to have some information by end of day, still no tech . I came into shop later that evening and spoke with manager on duty, he looked into situation and apologized for delay and would get on service department early morning Jan. 3, 2019 and I would get a call before 12noon Jan. 3, 2019.

I received from Katelynn , service rep. I was dealing with and getting excuses, saying they were now working on car. Arrived around 5pm and was asked if I wanted them to finish the work I asked if so car would have to stay till Monday Jan. 7th, 2019, which could have been being worked on till tech could be found to do recall.

They explained that sense I had an extended warranty an adjuster would be out sometime Monday to verify the work. So in all my car would be their for a total of 8 days with me paying for this rental and I'd be stuck with the rental bill due to their negligence. I told them no give me my car. Looks like I paid for a dynastic I didn't have to pay for, for the dynastic for the recall should have shown other problems they told me about, which was I needed rooters which was causing the shaking in steering, backup camera , clicking from AC, all would be covered under extended warranty but had to wait for adjuster to come Monday next, 3, Jan.

2019. Bill adding up each day not due to me being on time.

Would like my money back for rental and dynastic that was not needed. recall was free, time lost wa not my doing.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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