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TO: Chrysler Customer Service

I am writing this letter to let Chrysler Auto Manufacture know that they have sold me the last automobile. I bought a 2002 Chrysler Town/Country and enjoyed the car and the Chrysler Service. Every time I took the car in for service I have been satisfied that is until I bought this 2010 T & C.

This latest service problem has left a bad feeling about being able to trust your service department and Chrysler. After receiving a notice alerting me to a possible problem with a front end vibration, I took my T&C in for inspection and was told I needed front pads and rotors to correct the problem. The pads were not in stock so I had routine service done that cost that cost over $100.00 and still have yet to get the front end problem fixed. They also wanted to charge me for tire rotation when they had removed all the wheels to inspect the rotors. I objected to the charge knowing I had them rotated the last time I had the car in for service and thought charging me a rotation charge to put the tires on different positions since they were already off for the rotor inspection. I was also told that the rear rotors would need work to prevent possible vibration on the rear brakes. It seems to me that the front pads were defective and the same service should have applied to the rear brakes. To ask me to have the rear work done for another $89.00 to over $100.00 I think is a bit much especially since we are thinking if the front work is due to defective parts that the same should apply to the rear.

As of today I haven't turned 24,000 miles. If I had 50 to 60,000 miles I might understand as this is not my first new automobile. I was thinking about a 2013 T/C but I think this will be the last Chrysler product.

As the manufacture of this product, I think you need to step up to the plate and take responsibility for the product defect on your cars, especially when there are defective parts involved, that haven't exceeded the 36,000 miles. I understand that the brakes are not routinely covered for the 36,000 miles for normal wear, but when it comes to defective parts I don't feel I should be responsible for replacing or repairing them.

I feel that I have been burned and the way to put the fire out and to take care of the burn is to move on to another product. As of now the product will not be a Chrysler product.

Curtis M. Ellison

7600 Preston View Dr.

Corryton, TN, 37721 865-332-3446

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Right there with you, i bought my last Chrysler. They treat their customers like trash.

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