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My name is Abigail, my husband and I purchased a 2001 Chrysler Sebring limited convertible with 89,988 miles on it, as is no warranty on July 3 2012. It was being sold at a special price for the holiday for $4995.00 but was originally listed at $6995.00, From Brubaker Chrysler Jeep, Lancaster Pennsylvania. We were told that this car was completely perfect running order and had in fact been owned by a Chrysler dealer. The salesman Michael told us that it was a great car and should last quite a few more years with routine inspection.

Sept. 9 my husband, Matt was driving to work at 4:30 am, on Rt 724 going 45 mph the engine blew obviously this was a shock and not expected!! Towed to mechanic and we are told the it is completely not able to be repaired. Mechanic said the the oil was so old and there was so little oil in it, less than 1 1/2 quarts, in a 5 quart engine, that the engine blew and that we should call the dealer.

Called the dealer, Sept 10, I am told that they don't always change the oil in the used cars prior to sale by Jeremy (new car manager) although they did change the oil in this car but as its unfortunate they will give me a fair trade in value of $3000.00 and that they will get me a replacement car of equal quality, mileage, and gas economy, while keeping my monthly payment where I need it about 160.00. Sept. 13 I am at the dealer and am showed two vehicles by the used car manager Dave, a 2006 Mazda 3 with 67000 miles being sold for $9995.00, and a 2003 saab vector will 89000 being sold for $8995.00 since they show me these two cars in particular I assume they they will drop the selling price and wig my trade in will be able to get my monthly payment where I need it. For 5 hours I sit there and am repeatedly told that they can get it no lower than $208.00! I explain that if I could afford that I would have bought a car at that payment 2 months ago. They say they understand but nothing they can do. I speak to Bill the president and son of the original owner, of the dealership, he says he doesn't know why I was showed these two vehicles as he can not make a bad business deal and lose that kind of money. He suggests that I borrow money from my parents or grandparents! Saying that otherwise I will have to wait until a cheaper car comes on the lot. I explain that if he does not fix this situation fast I will involve the Chrysler Corp.

I call Chrysler they say they completely understand and will do everything possible to help, that they certainly don't want their customers being treated this way, and are very sorry for the stress and inconvenience. For 2 1/2 weeks Bill and my case manager Anthony at Chrysler play phone tag and nothing is accomplished. I recieve a new case manager Christine two days ago and she tries to contact Bill. I explain to her that I don't understand why it is taking his long and that bill should at this point be willing to come down in the price of one of the two cars that I was showed, that are still sitting on his lot!

Out of curiosity yesterday, I search common complaints and defects of my model and year car. I am bombarded with the same problem my car had! I have over 30 pages of consumer comments and complaints, and keep finding more. All state that Chrysler is aware of the problem and will not do a recall because there aren't enough cars this has happened to to warrant repair or recall. The same problem is repeated over and over with the 2.7 liter engine being inadequate to handle the oil flow which then causes sludge and eventual engine failure! Replacement is needed, but that the only engine that can be used is another 2.7 liter, meaning that the problem will happen again later down the road. Also found that not only is this the problem with the sebrings it also occurs in the intrepids and the stratus. Why has Chrysler ignored this fact? Why isn't there a recall?

Today I spoke to Christine my case manager at Chrysler and tell her of my findings and that I think my engine should be replaced free of charge or that Chrysler corp should pay the difference on one of the two cars I was showed at brubaker so that my husband can get back on the road. She says they can't and won't do either. I ask to speak to a higher up manager she says there is no one or she would gladly forward my case to them. I ask to speak to an owner or CEO and she says she can't give out internal information to the public! That's she is sorry but can not help me any further. I have spoken to several different people at Chrysler and they are continuing to 'see what they can do'. Meanwhile I am waiting for Brubaker Chrysler Jeep to decide what they are going to do to fix this problem.

I now have a car that is worthless and needs $4000.00 + worth of work and a $5,511.70 loan, and still have no vehicle!

I have waited for almost a month now, the public need to be aware that this is how you could be treated first by Brubaker and then Chrysler.

When I bought an American made vehicle from a five star excellent service certified Chrysler dealer I thought that what I was getting was quality service with a quality product. It is a shame that this has happened and a shame that I feel it necessary to post this but it truly is.

If you have read this story form your own opinion.

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Car bought as is. Blew up.

No warantee and you are stuck with it. Dealer and CXhrysler have to do nothing>

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