I have financed with Chrysler Financial for 5yrs. Never missed a payment in 5yrs.

Due to the fact of being in the process of getting my credit in order was not able to recieve financing through any other financial institue which is understandable on my end. So I go through Chrysler financial thinking that because I made good with all payments never late one time again in 5yrs that they would finance me for a vehicle.

I mean they know I made good with my end of the bargain and thought they would help me out. Things happen everyone gets into a jam some time or another in their life if we can't depend atleast on the people we have been loyal to, to be loyal back what does that say about this money hungry world we live in very pissed customer will no longer be dealing with Chrysler Finacial again in life.

Monetary Loss: $17.

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