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I am highly unpleased with the fact that yet again I am replacing my 2006 Chrysler 300 tire rods!

The car has less than 60,461 miles on it, is in relatively good shape, but has been in the shop for tire rod replacment twice.

When I contacted Chrysler the 1st time, they told me that it was no more of a problem with this vehicle than any other.

Hmm, now I am irritated! I replaced the tire rods 1st time in June or July 2009 and here I am doing it again 3/2010.

Has anyone else experienced this! I call for a re-call!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Chrysler Car.

Monetary Loss: $30.

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Yes I say recall I will never buy a Chrysler again. The very first one I had was a piece of junk.

The 2one was great it was a town and country now the 300 C needs a new engine and tire rod. I just took it in because of a recall.

Bay Shore, New York, United States #1201510

I have a 2006 Chrysler 300 and has had tie rods replaced (inner and outer) 4 times since I had the car. RECALL!!!!!!!

Winter Haven, Florida, United States #1067084

Yes I own the 2005 Chysler 300. I have replaced them twice also.

Plus I have replace the engine. Now they say I have to replace it again


Yes my Mom has done it four times

Brick Township, New Jersey, United States #1025714

yes, I am replacing mine as well.first time in 2012,now in 2015..i almost crashed both times.my mechanic says that there is something wrong with vehicle..it shouldn't happen

to lisa Brick Township, New Jersey, United States #1025716

first time my car had rougly 36,000 miles now about 56,000


I am replacing mine at 35,400 miles. One was replaced and a week later the other broke while I was driving. Not very happy!

Riegelwood, North Carolina, United States #950950

I have to replace mine for a second time also.

Fountain Inn, South Carolina, United States #934143

Heck yes i am having the same problem!

I had new tire rod ends put on my car in January 2013, and in October 2013 my Chrysler 300 is doing the very same thing again (when i took it to the shop before)

Now this is very fustrating because i do my best to do maintace on my car when i find something is not right. And i do know that tire rod ends should last many years. Is this going to be the next recall

to shortie rock Baltimore, Maryland, United States #934184

Probably but I've traded that vehicle in.

Sacramento, California, United States #894988

I just passed 100,000 on my 06 300C. I'm replacing tie rods for 2nd time.

I've only had to change them over the past 2 years. Guess I'm lucky to have gotten this far.

I still love my car!!!!!

to Sissy #1018990

me to I just replace my first one two days ago 2006 136980 miles on it it's been a great car for me

Ogden, Utah, United States #672148

I have a 2008 300 Touring Sedan that just hit 70,000 miles. Today I am changing my Tie Rod Ends for the second time.

Both times one side seperated from the Ball Joint while backing out of my Drive Way, which is fortunate because I last drove it on the Freeway .5 miles ago coming home from work both times. This car habitually has had brake problems shortly after driving it out of the Show Room Floor. The Front Rotors have a tendancy to warp. If I don't have them "Turned" every 5,000 miles the whole front end of my 300 will shake violently when braking.

I am sure this is the force that wears out my Ball Joints prematurely.

I love the car, but will never buy another. My 41 Chevy still has it's original Ball Joints!

to NUTZ Baltimore, Maryland, United States #672151

I sympathize with you. I traded in my 200p6 for the 2013 I. December


I am swooning over the new model 300. It looks great.

Now that my vehicle is paid off, I am contemplating getting the Licoln MKZ.

I'm just biding my time for their complaints. Although I still love my 300, I'm just afraid to drive it any distance.


I find myself in the same position, only after having 40,000 on my 2006 300. So, after reading other reviews elsewhere think this may be this particular make/model/year's issue.


Guess What???????? I am replacing those *** tie rods again!

This is the 3rd time!!!!!!! I took the car to the dealer on Thursday and they didn't seem to think it was a problem, yeah right! However, last year in March I had Mr. Tire replace the tie rods and when I found out they needed replacing agian by the dealer, Mr.

Tire said they warranty their parts for a lifetime. YEAH!!!!!! I took the car to Mr. Tire and only paid labor.

Then, Mr. Tire told me that the lateral strut arm bushings are deteriorated. WTH??!!

Anyway, Chrysler had the nerve to ask me to trade the car in for another 300. *** No!

to Rmilford0420 Massapequa, New York, United States #812168

I sincerely hope you have gotten rid of your 300. I just had the awesome experience of replacing the starter on my 05 300 3.5 v6 AWD.

The book calls for 5 hours labor, WHAT A NIGHTMARE. We had so much **** out of the front left suspension assembly it was absurd, just to get the *** thing out of its location. While we were in there, we realized how poor of shape the suspension and steering components are in. Needless to say, we are going for the barebones replacements and i am trading this car in IMMEDIATELY.

This car left such a bad taste for me when it comes to chrysler, especially when they didnt work with me at all after blowing 3 trannys the first year, followed by another 4 the 2nd year.

What a *** car.

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #269207

my 2006 300 need tire rods replaced also. my car has 46,000 miles and the lifters are gone and no warranty. looks like I have a lemon also.


To: Rmilford

I just took my Chrysler 300C in today with frontend noise. Guess what - I have to have tie rod ends replaced.

Never had this kind of an issue with any of many new cars I have driven or owned. I see that I can expect this in another 30,000 miles.

I'm ordering replacements with grease zerks. I'm very disappointed in this issue with such an expensive automobile.

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