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Ok...My $35,000 fully loaded 300C is a piece of trash. I bought this car with the intention of driving it until it fall apart (goal achieved).

I loved the car. It rode great, handled well, looked awesome and had every option I could get. This was finally the car I would keep for 6-8 years. Wrong!!!

At 80K miles it fell apart. Oh, it looked perfect. I babied it from day one. Everyone that saw it thought it had 30K miles.

Always maintenanced... A lot of good that did. In 6 weeks, I replaced everything starting at the motor, back to the rear end ($5,000). When I took it to the dealer (they had it 10 days), they could not figure out what was wrong so they said drive it until it breaks and then we will fix it.

I took it to AAMCO and they fixed it in 7 days. So I called Chrysler and asked for assistance($) to cover the repairs. I had a 70K mile warranty and a car of this age should not have this much trouble. (After 2 weeks of talking to them) Their justification for not helping "your car is out of warranty".

No kidding, that is why I'm calling. and, "You took it to another shop". DUH! You told me to drive it unit it breaks.

Sorry, we're not going to help you "click". I've spent most of my driving life defending American car makers. Never again. They are getting what they deserve.

The is no other industry were you can build *** and then wonder why you are going out of business. For god sakes, take some accountability for the trash you have been building for 35 years and admit you took advantage of everyone. Then do what other companies have to and accept the consequences for your actions. First we had to endure the trash product you built, now our taxes are keeping your doors open.

WTF!!! Never again. My car and the way Chrysler treated me is a clear demonstration of the root issue.

Don't do it. Find another car.

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Common problems with Chrysler. Everyone, just don't EVER buy Chrysler again.

Horrible company, with horrible products and horrible customer service. Other than that, they are peachy.


I have a junk Jeep Cherokee. My story sounds the same...

and they are not about to do what is right.. shame they have our tax money too!!

They should go under!!

I'm willing to join a class action lawsuit!!


Just be glad you didn't finance it through chrysler financial! You would have had more problems than junk in your driveway. Crooks.I pay my bills too bad chrysler can't say the same.

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